U disk 7 maintenance tips and U disk data recovery methods

U disk is one of the most common storage data files mobile devices, compact and easy to carry, and storage capacity, we can put a lot of important information into the U disk, anytime, anywhere to bring, to bring our lives great The convenience. But when the U disk to bring us convenience, but also brought us a lot of trouble, such as U disk data for no reason lost, U disk accidental damage caused by data read and write does not come out and so on. Therefore, to master some U disk maintenance techniques and the use of methods is essential, this article will introduce you to the U disk seven maintenance methods, and U disk in the use of the process of attention.


A writing purpose
By writing an article, we can master some of the U disk maintenance skills, and the use of U disk have a more in-depth understanding, which can make better use of U disk to reduce the U disk data loss.

Two U disk some maintenance skills
1 Put the USB stick into the box and save
To U disk into the box, to prevent dust at the U disk interface, if there is no matching box, you can buy a U disk storage box. Because if you do not put the U disk into the box, U disk above will gradually accumulate a lot of dust, thus greatly reducing the sensitivity of U disk interface, affecting the data transmission effect.


2 Keep the USB disk clean
U disk in the use of the process, U disk cleaning is particularly important to maintain, if the U disk contact with the accumulation of a large number of dust and dirt, will seriously affect the data transmission results. What is more serious is that if the card reader or more sophisticated internal parts accumulate dust, it can cause a circuit failure. Therefore, in daily life, be sure to develop a habit of cleaning U disk regularly, when the U disk contact with dirt, with a soft cotton cloth or glasses cloth gently wipe, but do not use water directly wipe (U disk can not enter water).
3 Keep away from moisture
These days, Xiao Bian received a lot of users complained that the U disk file read and write does not come out, asked the reason, the original is due to accidentally put the U disk to the water. In this, Xiao Bian to remind everyone to see many of the U disk will be broken, so the U disk should be placed in a dry environment to prevent the U disk short circuit and rust damage. In daily life, do not put the U disk directly in the pocket, to prevent the sweat inside the body to wet the U disk.
4 to prevent the U disk broken, broken
Note that, even if the U disk is a metal shell, but can not beat, so the use of U disk in the process, do not heavy fall, to gently. Otherwise, once the U disk core damage, will result in data can not read the consequences. In addition, U disk compact, easy to carry, so in our daily lives, we can find most people will U disk and key linked to the key ring, in fact, it is easy to scratch U disk, so, most Good to U disk and key linked to the different key chain to carry.
5 Do not plug the USB stick into the computer for a long time
Not a long time will U-disk has been inserted in the USB interface, because if a long time to U disk inserted in the computer, especially inserted in the front panel of the host, it will easily lead to U disk interface, aging, greatly shorten the U disk usage time. Therefore, when not using U disk, U disk should be promptly safe exit.
6 to prevent the U disk is corroded
As we all know, metal is easily corroded, so the use of U disk in the process, be sure to avoid direct contact with the U disk containing chemical composition of the items, such as perfume, soapy water, etc., to avoid containing chemical composition on the U disk metal corrosion. In addition, do not expose the interface of the U disk to air for a long time, in order to avoid oxidation of the metal surface, reduce the interface sensitivity.
7 install U disk anti-virus monitoring software and firewall
In order to achieve real-time monitoring of U disk and improve the killing of the virus, you can install a number of specialized anti-virus software, regular U disk antivirus. In daily life, do not be lazy, we must develop regular U disk antivirus habits.

Three U disk when using the precautions
1 in the case of non-toxic use U disk
Now the virus is everywhere, so before using the U disk, be sure to make sure your computer is not a virus, once the U disk was a virus invasion, U disk will lead to a large number of data loss, and even make you Of the U disk scrapped.
2 Do not unplug the USB stick during data transfer
In the data transmission, U disk must not pull out directly, if you force exit, ranging from U disk will lead to data loss, serious, will lead to U-chip internal burn, then your U disk Also scrapped. In addition, when the system prompts that “can not exit”, do not directly pull out the U disk, U disk should be closed all open the file, then its safe exit.
3 After the data transfer is complete, immediately exit the USB flash drive safely
If the U disk has been inserted in the computer, even do not use U disk, U disk is also working state, the heat will be more and more, it will easily lead to U disk interface, aging, reduce U disk usage time. Therefore, when not using the U disk, U disk to pull out in a timely manner.
4 U disk should be safe to withdraw and then pull out
In the use of U disk transfer data, some people in order to save trouble, will directly pull out the U disk, does not know, this will make the U disk file is lost, but also reduce the U disk life. Therefore, the correct approach is the first U disk in the computer and then pull out the safe exit, to avoid data loss.


Hard disk firmware to repair the symptoms and causes

Firmware (Firmware) is simply the hard disk operating system, solidified in the hard disk outside the user data area (negative track). Firmware area stores the most basic parameters of the hard disk, providing the most low-level, the most direct hardware control. After the hard disk power, first by loading the firmware to complete the initialization of the hard drive, the system can correctly identify the hard disk, and other software to provide the most accurate basis for the operation. In the hard drive throughout the work process, the system needs to constantly read and write back firmware parameters, if this time outside the hard drive power failure or read and write errors, it may lead to damage to the firmware area.

1, the hard disk can not be properly identified
2, the hard disk can be identified, but can not read and write
3, the hard disk can be properly identified, but can not identify the model and capacity
4, the system tray, the system starts slowly or blue screen, suggesting that the hard disk error

cause of issue:
1, bad sectors destroy the firmware area
2, accidental power failure caused by the firmware area
3, the firmware area defects table Chaos lead to a large number of bad sectors