Hard disk firmware to repair the symptoms and causes

Firmware (Firmware) is simply the hard disk operating system, solidified in the hard disk outside the user data area (negative track). Firmware area stores the most basic parameters of the hard disk, providing the most low-level, the most direct hardware control. After the hard disk power, first by loading the firmware to complete the initialization of the hard drive, the system can correctly identify the hard disk, and other software to provide the most accurate basis for the operation. In the hard drive throughout the work process, the system needs to constantly read and write back firmware parameters, if this time outside the hard drive power failure or read and write errors, it may lead to damage to the firmware area.

1, the hard disk can not be properly identified
2, the hard disk can be identified, but can not read and write
3, the hard disk can be properly identified, but can not identify the model and capacity
4, the system tray, the system starts slowly or blue screen, suggesting that the hard disk error

cause of issue:
1, bad sectors destroy the firmware area
2, accidental power failure caused by the firmware area
3, the firmware area defects table Chaos lead to a large number of bad sectors