The principle and method of recovering data

The principle and method of recovering data
Found that the hard disk failure, the need to restore data, the first step is to do is to detect and determine the disk failure and data damage
Only to clear the extent of the damage and failure of the disk in order to take the correct steps to restore the data:

Hard drive internal failure, the form of performance is generally CMOS can not identify the hard disk, hard disk abnormal sound, then the possible causes of failure of the physical track damage, the internal circuit chip breakdown, head damage, etc., can be used to repair means: Clean room to open the disk repair, this situation can only be sent to the professional data recovery company.

Hard disk circuit failure, if the CMOS can not identify the hard disk, the hard disk no abnormal sound, then the possible causes of failure is the external circuit board damage, chip breakdown, voltage instability burned, etc., can take the means of external circuit repair, or replace the same Model of the hard disk of the circuit board, the general need to send a professional data recovery company.

Soft fault, if the CMOS can identify the hard disk, usually hard disk failure, the cause of the damage is generally caused by system errors caused by data loss, misclassification, accidentally deleted, mistaken cloning, software conflicts, virus damage, etc., can be used to restore data Software or manual mode.

The following specific explanation of the soft fault data recovery method
1. Confirm the cause of the data loss
1. The hard disk data is missing, the cause of the malfunction includes:

Virus can not read the data, hard disk zero track damage), the hard disk error partition, disk logic bad area, the disk is not bad, Hard disk there is a physical bad area.

2. Document data corruption, such as Office series data files damaged, Zip, MPEG, asf, RM and other file data is damaged.

2. According to the cause of the failure, the use of appropriate means and steps

1. Backup data, according to the importance of the data, decide whether the need to back up data, the general steps to backup data

1. Remove the damaged hard drive, received another intact machine, pay attention to the new machine has enough hard disk space backup

2. Use ghost’s raw mode (raw), a sector of a sector of the damaged disk backup to a mirror file. If the hard disk on the physical bad sectors, it is best to use ghost way to make a disk image, and then all the * are on the disk image, so that the maximum protection of the original disk can not be further damaged, you can maximize recovery data. – I guess the author is saying that the disk content to another disk to do the resumption of the work to avoid writing in the original disk.

3. Repair the hard disk data. There are two types of hard disk data repair, one directly in the original hard disk changes, one is to read out the data stored on the other hard disk. The basic idea is to maximize the information based on the disk to infer the loss of the partition and file system system information, the damaged files and systems to restore, so if the information is too much loss, it is impossible to restore the data. Such as the wrong to delete a file, then copy the larger file over, then most of the deleted files are overwritten by the new copy of the file, almost can not be restored.

One common sense is that if you want to restore the data, then do not run the problem disk on the scandisk or Norton Disk Doctor and other direct repair file system error software, remember.